A Smarter Transition

Utility Global has developed and commercialized a new way to produce gas which is cleaner, more affordable and more compatible with existing infrastructure. Our eXERO™ technology decarbonizes many challenging industrial processes while complementing existing operations and business goals. eXERO™ removes both the need for renewable electricity for electrolysis and the complexity of existing hydrocarbon processes—while combining the benefits of both.

Unlike electrolysis that relies on renewable energy to be green, eXERO™ works with the inherent energy in waste gases to drive conversion—eliminating the need for electricity. However, as a solid oxide based system, eXERO™ produces high-purity product directly from the proprietary reactor, also eliminating costly purification required by traditional hydrocarbon processes. Combined with the ability to flexibly process dilute and variable waste gases, the eXERO™ technology provides a performance package that is truly differentiated.

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The eXEROTM  technology platform creates hydrogen from waste gases without electricity.

Here's how. 


Waste gas and steam enter the eXEROTM  reactor.


Both react electrochemically. 


Hydrogen is produced.

Our eXEROTM technology fits your plant with minimal disruption and total cost of ownership

We prioritize compatibility with existing infrastructure, ease of installation and reliable operations.

Deep-Dive into Our Technology Platform

Explore the revolutionary eXEROTM technology platform that combines electrochemical and chemical processes, delivering high-purity hydrogen and syngas with low carbon intensity. The platform removes the need for external electricity, making it cost-effective for hard-to-abate industries. Learn about its principles, how it works and the historical timeline, including key milestones in the development of this groundbreaking technology.

More of What You Want

Offering the flexibility to accept a wide range of input gases, our eXEROTM technology platform delivers sustainable streams of hydrogen and syngas with safe, predictable and reliable performance.

Less of What You Don’t

Our eXEROTM technology does not require expensive and variable renewable electricity and also eliminates the complexity of traditional hydrocarbon processes. The highly integrated reactor design minimizes the balance of plant requirements and the resultant footprint.

Quickly Deployable

With proven technology and highly integrated and modular design focus, plants customized for your existing processes are manufactured and deployed on an expedited schedule. This philosophy maximizes shop manufacturing while minimizing field work, streamlining execution.

Measurable and Reportable

Beyond the significant sustainability impact of the eXEROTM technology, it also permits for an accurate and real-time accounting of the specific reduction in carbon footprint.

Competitive Edge

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Environmental, Social and Governmental (ESG) ratings are a reality to which all industries must adjust. eXEROTM technology provides distinct advantages with the flexible conversion of waste gases into sustainable hydrogen and syngas, while also integrating customer processes. This provides a competitive advantage by delivering sustainable products, while maintaining cost-competitive operations.