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Our eXEROTM technology is particularly suited to enable the decarbonization of a range of end-use markets, including steel, chemicals, liquid fuels, mobility and biogas.

We help industry meet both business and environmental objectives. Our products effectively and efficiently convert a variety of gas streams, including waste gas, into sustainable hydrogen and syngas to produce onsite energy, distributed fuels and manufacturing feedstocks. We enable industry to meet Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and improve Environmental, Social and Governmental (ESG) ratings, while supporting operational priorities and business targets. With our proprietary technology, environmental and business necessities are no longer mutually exclusive. Instead, we turn requirements into advantages.

Robust Gas Conversions

Our eXEROTM technology is highly feedstock flexible, a notable advantage in decarbonizing the industrial sector. It is optimized to work with a broad range of gases with fluctuating compositions. Examples include:

Suitable Feedstocks High-Value Product
  • Steel off gases 
    • Blast furnace top gas
    • Basic oxygen furnace top gas
  • Flexicoker gas
  • Other gases involved in steel making 
  • Refinery fuel gas
  • Fluid catalytic cracker gas
  • Biodigester gas
  • Land fill gas 
  • Biomass gasification syngas
  • Renewable natural gas
  • CO2
  • NH3
  • Heavy hydrocarbon liquids
  • Heavy hydrocarbon solids

The opportunity to convert waste gases into hydrogen is significant. As an example, if our eXEROTM technology platform was used to convert the world’s blast furnace and basic oxygen furnace steel process gases into hydrogen, approximately 50 million tons/year of hydrogen could be produced, which equates to nearly half of the world’s current hydrogen production.

“We are the only organization with a technology that is able to take waste gases, put them through a reactor which does not need electricity, and gives you the ability to produce hydrogen.”

Dillan Fernando 
Utility Global Chief Commercial Officer

The Smart Path to Sustainability​

Drive sustainability and business by affordably reducing emissions, energy use, waste and disruptions to operations. Our eXEROTM technology
platform excels at scalable, clean hydrogen and syngas production as well as ammonia cracking solutions. eXEROTM is made for the energy transition and not forcibly adapted to it.  

Meet Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
Maintain Operational efficiency
Exceed business targets
Gain competitive advantage

Competitive and Near-Term Sustainability Solutions

Reduce carbon footprint
No need for renewable power
Integrate with existing processes
Utilize waste gases and waste heat
Affordable and sustainable business


Efficient conversion of GHGs to valuable components:
12.4 Management of chemicals and waste
12.5 Sustantially reduce waste generation
12.6 Integrate sustainability information into reporting