We reached a major milestone in decarbonization technology with the successful pilot plant testing program for our H2GenTM product line. The detailed testing, conducted at our Houston Energy Corridor production facility during 2022, yielded outstanding results and solidified the reactor's potential for transforming the steel industry.


Test Results Exceeded Industry Expectations

Pilot Test Press Release

The pilot demonstrated a baseline production of more than 99.9% hydrogen purity, surpassing expectations without the need for additional purification systems. Production rates exceeded projections based on detailed analytical assessments, showcasing the reactor's efficiency. It also showcased its robustness over extended runs, including multiple shutdowns and restarts. This successful completion of a major milestone brings us closer to full commercialization of the H2GenTM reactor.

The Houston pilot plant, a full-scale industrial facility, serves as a valuable reference for the design of larger, scalable facilities. The extensive testing involved 24/7 operations, several of which were continued for more than 1,000 hours. The plant operated autonomously with minimal operator input. The results were significant and validated the system's robustness in real-world operational scenarios.

Demonstrated Performance 

99.7% operational up-time, producing min 99% pure H2.

Houston Pilot Plant

  • 9 months of operations
  • Duration test run of 1,500+ hours
  • 99.7% uptime multiple cycles 
    • Test thermal cycling

    • Return to 100% < 1 hr

  • Feedstock - syngas from pipeline NG 

  • H2 purity

    • min 99.0%

    • max 99.92%

Green Hydrogen Production: Can It Be Both Efficient and Low-Energy?

The potential of green hydrogen as a key player in decarbonization and renewable energy development is vast. Achieving this potential, however, hinges on our combined ability to produce green hydrogen with both high efficiency and low-to-no energy—something Utility Global is doing now.

See for yourself and download our presentation from ADIPEC, “Producing Hydrogen from Waste Gas”. 


“The potential that the H2GenTM reactor has for decarbonizing industry, especially sectors that are the most difficult to decarbonize, is simply decades ahead of other industry solutions.”

–Michael Idelchik, renowned industry expert, special advisor to Utility Global and former Vice President Advanced Technology at GE