H2GenTM: The Smarter Way to Sustainable Business

H2GenTM efficiently converts waste gas and steam into hydrogen. A ready-to-use solution for meeting sustainable hydrogen requirements, H2GenTM needs no electricity, optimizes balance of plant and offers attractive benefits:

  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) due to no renewable electricity required, scale flexibility and process simplicity
  • Can utilize variable feedstocks and waste gases to decarbonize hard to abate sectors
  • Onsite solution eliminates the need for transporting gases to site, reducing cost and reliability concerns for logistics, road safety issues and vehicle emissions
  • Modular, shop-fabricated equipment design allows for plants to be deployed quickly, yet in a customer-specific configuration


Utility Product Diagrams H2Gen

CO-GenTM: The Smarter Path to Decarbonization

CO-GenTM efficiently converts vented carbon dioxide into syngas for the production of sustainable chemicals and fuels. Beyond the benefits listed in our H2GenTM product line, CO-GenTM:

  • Efficiently enables production of green chemicals and fuels
  • Debottlenecks operations with incremental production of CO and syngas
  • Unlocks policy incentives with carbon-negative emissions
  • Reaches sustainability goals by greening production

Utility Product Diagrams COGen-1

AM2H2TM: The Smarter Route to Mobility

AM2H2TM converts ammonia into high-purity, fuel-cell-grade purity hydrogen. Instead of relying on ineffective legacy ammonia-cracking approaches, which are complex and waste one-third of the energy contained in the ammonia, AM2H2TM cracks the ammonia separately from the hydrogen production. This elegant single-reactor, ammonia-to-hydrogen process results in considerable capital and operating cost savings across the entire low-carbon ammonia supply chain.

Utility Product Diagrams AM2H2